Things to Know about Car Coating

Glass coating, an inorganic substance used to protect the surface paint of your car, is made of either silica-based or quartz-silane-based compounds. This type of material does not usually stain. They are much better than wax, because they can preserve the shine and surface of your car much longer.

Their composition is not easily subjected to oxidation which make them an effective car coating. The reason why many substances deteriorate is because of the adverse effect of oxidation on their chemical properties. Your car will be left susceptible to rust and damage if your car wax gets oxidized and deteriorates. Look up Car Coating Washington online to know your options in the area. 

Glass coating - or simply 'coating' - provides longer lasting protection and shine for your car surface.

The Superiority of Glass Coat

Car wax is made up largely of carnauba wax oil. Palm tree extracts are the main source of carnauba wax oil. It has good water-repellent properties, and has the ability to hide minute scratches.

However, because oil has a high viscosity, it can easily become dirty because it attracts dirt. Wax, because it is sensitive to high temperatures, tend to melt and deteriorate on the hot surface of your car. Water in the form of rain or a power washer can also break it down.

Substances like silica, silicone, fluorine, and titanium, however, give coating unmatched durability. Their ability to mesh with the paint molecules beneath the car's surface enables them to create a very durable layer of protection. This results in a very tough coat that is resistant to all kinds of adverse conditions like dirt, heat, cold, and rain, and gives your car a longer lasting shine than wax. You can apply a simple coat on the car yourself or hire a professional to do a complex job, depending on the grade of glass coating you are using.

Remove all dirt and grime from your car and wipe its surface smooth, making sure your car's surface is clean before applying coating. This is how important preparation is before application.

Use the Best Coat for Your Car

Let me mention the two most common types of glass coating - the silica-based and the quartz-silane-based coating. If you want a more durable, high-gloss finish coating, then a quartz-silane-based coating is what you need. However, it is more expensive and takes longer (about three weeks) to cure on your car's surface.

If you are on a tight budget, then use the silica-based coat because it is cheaper compared to the quartz-silane-based, and will still give you a good luster and protection for a long time. However, because of its weaker water-repellent properties, it is less durable than the quartz-silane-based over a long period of time.

The silica-based and quartz-silane-based glass coats are the two leading car coatings in the industry today because of the cutting-edge technology behind their manufacture. Check out Arlington Car Coating options online now for more details.